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Youtube channelFriends, we have recently started a Youtube channel of malayalam agriculture videos. aim of the channel is to publish easy and effective terrace gardening tips. it’s in malayalam with english sub titles, it’s passed more than 42,000 subscribers and it’s growing. every month we are making 10,00000 minutes of watch time. we have already finished some krishi series like cheera, clove beans, green chillies, okra, tomato etc. also uploaded about making low cost or zero cost organic fertilizers like tea waste manure, onion peel manure, green leaves slurry, making low cost home compost unit etc.

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You can subscribe to the channel from here, we are updating regularly and all our videos are easy to understood. if you are already subscribed to the channel, ignore this mail. All our videos are giving basic ideas about making zero cost fertilizers, pesticides, farming methods etc. result may vary person to person, if you find any mistakes here please notify the same. You can check the organic cultivation tips and methods from here. We are also publishing videos about making organic pesticides , fertilizers etc. You can also follow our social media profiles facebook, google plus, twitter etc.

Agriculture Blogs Malayalam
Agriculture Blogs Malayalam